PITZA E DATTERI (Pizza and dates)
• Italy 2015 - 92' - colour

Screenplay: Antonio Leotti e Fariborz Kamkari
Director: Fariborz Kamkari
Cinematography: Gog˛ Bianchi
Editor: Mirco Garrone
Music: l'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
Producer: Fabrizia Falzetti in collaborazione con Adriana Chiesa Di Palma
Coproducers: Marcel Hoehn e Dorotea Morlicchio
Distribution Italy: Bolero Film
International Distribution: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises

Giuseppe Battiston
Maud Buquet
Mehdi Meskar
Hassani Shapi

Comedy East/West: a young, inexperienced Imam is sent directly from the Afghan desert to lead the Muslim community of Venice. Brought up in a religious school young Saladin is totally in the dark about the basics od modern life. Suddenly in Venice he tries to resolve his brothers’ problems, taking inspiration from traditional teachings. This proves to be not an easy task, of course. The allure of the modern world, however, gradually transforms him: especially when he meets the most rebelious and charming woman of the community, carismatic Zara.

BEST FILM Parma Music Film Fest 2015
Nomination BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC Nastri d’Argento 2015

Moscow Film Festival 2015
Vologda Films for Peace Festival 2015
Tertio Millenium Film Festival 2015
Agadir Cinéma et Migrations 2015
Tubingen Arabisches Film Festival 2015
London Kurdish Film Festival 2015