“Born to be soldier”
• Iran 2000 • 28’ • 35mm colour

Screenplay: Fariborz Kamkari
Director: Fariborz Kamkari
Cinematography: Abeden Alivaeisi
Editor: Sorhab Mirsepasi
Sound: Fariba Ghaderi
Producer: Fariborz Kamkari

Salar Gharamani
Farhad Gharamani
Anar Gharamani
Fariba Ahmadian
Ronak Ahmadi Ain

A young Kurdish soldier is captured. The boy pays his jailer – his young cousin – to let him visit his sick mother. The two boys spend together a happy day at the family house. The next morning, the two cousins – the jailer and the prisoner – leave the house, pick up their guns and go to earn their lives.

Distributed in France by MK2

Clermont-Ferrand 2001
San Petersburgh Festival 2001
Riga Film Festival 2001
Fike Film Festival 2001
Break 21 Ljublana Film Festival 2001
Fadjr Film Festival 2001
Trevignano Film Festival 2002